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Welcome to your village website, here you will find lots of information about Cosgrove and the community. Use the links to find out about upcoming events, village history, country walks and much much more. Please take your time to meander through our online village and get to know the place and it’s people better.
Last update: 14/11/18
Have your say on Village Matters
It’s always a good time to let the Parish Council know about issues that matter to you. Email your thoughts to or discuss with your nearest Parish Councillor.

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Parish Council Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, except November this year. The next meeting will be held on -
Wednesday 5th December 2018 at 7.30pm in Village Hall

Parish Council news: Traffic through the village continues to be a concern. Accelerating vehicles in residential areas causes noise, vibration and safety issues. Drivers are requested to drive with consideration for residents, pedestrians and to be aware of youngsters, elderly people and animals at all times.
Speed limits are limits and not targets, many of the roads through the village were originally for horse and carts and not road vehicles. Parked vehicles and vegetation limit views, so speeds must be adjusted to suit conditions. Please drive with care.  
Together we can keep Cosgrove a safe place to be.

Sunday 2nd December from 6.30pm

Christmas tree lights switching on ceremony at the crossroads.
Join in the celebrations and enjoy the music and festive treats.
All welcome