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Cosgrove Parish Footpaths & Rights of Way

The summer of 2018 has gone down as one of the best on record, providing us with excellent conditions under foot for walking. The heat did present us with some different considerations, especially the risk of dehydration. This is not only a condition to consider in summer as walking, wearing warm clothes in winter can also lead to fluid loss. It’s very important to keep hydrated, whatever the weather.
During my recent walks, I’ve been experimenting with a phone App, that tracks the route, monitors pace and lets you know the distance covered while walking, as well as at the end. These App’s not only presents us with information, using one ensures that we carry our mobile phone with us. Walking our Rights of Way provides us with many different views of our countryside and can take you to remote parts of the parish, so always let someone know where you intend to walk and take your phone with you. Don’t be put off getting out there though, as problems are extremely rare.

Access to the Sawpits meadow has been improved this year, following the installation of a kissing gate and removal of the double stile. This makes the footpath accessible to more users.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for our general health, so even if it’s just a stroll around the village you can be assured that it’s likely to be doing you some good.                 

David A. Smith (Cosgrove Parish Path Warden)
Your village has a path warden who without feedback from everyone hazards can go undetected for months, so please let him know if you are concerned or discover a problem during your walks.This can include obstructed pavements, damaged kerbstones, inaccessible public footpaths or broken stiles.
Village Path Warden
Explore Cosgrove’s Public Footpaths, Bridleways and Canal Tow Paths.
If you find a problem please report it to the Parish Path Warden. He also likes to know when you’ve enjoyed a walk through the parish and seen anything of interest.
Photographs of village sites can be viewed on our CosgroveVillage facebook site: