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Cosgrove Parish Footpaths & Rights of Way

As the year gradually progresses we approach the better seasons for exploring our countryside. My responsibility as the Volunteer Parish Footpath Warden is to walk our Parish paths and check they are all safe and passable.
Where an issue is identified, I’ll try and discuss it with the landowner and/or raise a problem report on Northamptonshire County Council, who often resolve the issue.
Issues may include:
                              Broken stiles
                              Waymarker signs damaged or missing
                              Impassable routes due to obstruction, damage or flood
                              Route indication discs

Where stiles are broken, the council will often provide the landowner with the kit to reinstate it or in some circumstances replace it with a kissing gate, making the route accessible to people with reduced mobility.

On May Day I was joined by members of the community on a walk that covered a short section of the Grafton Way, Furtho and Iseworth farms and a section adjacent to the Grand Union Canal. By the feedback received, everyone enjoyed walking paths that they haven’t covered before.
Following the success of previous outings, I try and ensure that these routes are suitable for as many people as possible, providing the chance to decide how far to walk.

The path by the Old Mill is open again following the installation of a new timber platform following the collapse of the path over the Mill Stream. The area is a very interesting part of the parish and provides an opportunity to see different wildlife like Kingfishers as they dart along the River Tove.
Following the success of the Christmas tree at the crossroads, a number of people are keen to organise other events that brings the community together. Keep a look out for information and invitations to get involved that will appear soon via our social media and Old Mail.

Please continue to enjoy our parish footpaths and let me know if you discover anything that causes concern.

David A. Smith (Cosgrove Parish Path Warden)
Your village has a path warden who without feedback from everyone hazards can go undetected for months, so please let him know if you are concerned or discover a problem during your walks.This can include obstructed pavements, damaged kerbstones, inaccessible public footpaths or broken stiles.
Village Path Warden

Explore Cosgrove’s Public Footpaths, Bridleways and Canal Tow Paths.
If you find a problem please report it to the Parish Path Warden. He also likes to know when you’ve enjoyed a walk through the parish and seen anything of interest.
Photographs of village sites can be viewed on our CosgroveVillage facebook site: