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Our Festive stroll along the Grand Union Canal  on Thursday 28th December was very well supported. A number of walkers brought their dogs with them, taking advantage of the best day of the week for good weather and walk in company.

With the snow and rain that had fallen in the days before, we took the sensible option and walked to the New Inn at New Bradwell and back. The path is surfaced all the way, enabling people of all abilities to walk there at their chosen pace. At the New Inn we were able to take on board quality fluids and select lunch from the varied menu.

The flooding limited alternative routes back to Cosgrove, so most ventured back along the towpath.

I will plan a circular walk around the parish for the better weather, most likely May Day. Please let me have your thoughts on any preference when you see me and I’ll plan a route to suit.

David A. Smith (Cosgrove Parish Path Warden)
Your village has a path warden who without feedback from everyone hazards can go undetected for months, so please let him know if you are concerned or discover a problem during your walks.This can include obstructed pavements, damaged kerbstones, inaccessible public footpaths or broken stiles.
Village Path Warden

Explore Cosgrove’s Public Footpaths, Bridleways and Canal Tow Paths.
If you find a problem please report it to the Parish Path Warden. He also likes to know when you’ve enjoyed a walk through the parish and seen anything of interest.
Photographs of village sites can be viewed on our CosgroveVillage facebook site: