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The Parish Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month, except January 2020, in the village hall at 7.30pm. All members of the community are invited to attend and listen to the proceedings. The agenda includes 15 minutes for public speaking, where you have the opportunity to put forward items for discussion, debate or recommendation for the Parish Council‘s attention.

Parish Council
What does the Parish Council do?

Parish Council News:
The parish council is a democratically elected body serving the parish of Cosgrove. Its purpose is to protect and promote the interests of parishioners and to provide local services. A copy of the parish council meeting agenda and  minutes can be found on the Village Hall & bus shelter notice boards with a summary report in the Old Mail magazine. Alternatively click below to view previous minutes and the agenda for the next meeting.

Parish Council Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.

This month’s agenda: February 2020

Copies of previous parish council meetings’ minutes

The current Parish Councillors are:
                 Click on the councillors name to view their declaration of interest

                                        Chairperson:  Wayne Smith
                                            Councillor: Chris Bird
                                            Councillor: Tony Bracey
                                            Councillor: Mark Draddy
                                            Councillor: Digory Little
                                            Councillor: Jeff Proctor
                                            Councillor: Paul Roberts
                                            Councillor: David Smith
                                            Councillor: Vacancy

Parish Clerk: Mr D M Everett           Email:

Other Contacts:
District Councillor: Ian McCord (
County Councillor: Allen Walker (
South Northamptonshire council: ( Tel:01327 322322
Northants County Council: ( Tel: 01604 236236
Milton Keynes council: ( Tel: 01908 691691
Highways Agency: ( Tel: 08457 504030 or 0121 3358300
Northamptonshire Police: ( Tel: 03000 111 222 non emergencies

More news:
Chairperson’s report 2019 - Click to read . .
District Councillor’s report presented at the AOM 2019 - Click to read . .
County Councillor’s report presented at the AOM 2019 - Click to read . .